Great success for Outokumpu’s new couplings

Outokumpu in Avesta uses Quick-Flex®, Timken’s innovative elastic shaft coupling, with great success.

“We were somewhat dubious at first, considering our heavy duty use, but it works very well”, says the preventive maintenance engineer at Outokumpu in Avesta. “We were looking for better couplings, but couldn’t find suitable alternatives in the market. Then Nomo's Key Account Manager introduced us to Quick-Flex.”

Quick-Flex is a flexible, maintenance-free coupling solution for industrial use. The coupling is developed for use in harsh environments and has superior safety features and capacity. The Key Account Manager at Nomo realised that it might be possible for the hot rolling mill in Avesta to reduce downtime significantly by using the Quick-Flex coupling.

“It is a very robust and well thought-out coupling, with clever details. The coupling elements are made of durable polymers,” he explains. “I realised the huge potential for cost savings in many of Outokumpu’s applications. I thought right away of the drive rolls in the roller conveyor in the hot rolling mill.”

The Quick-Flex coupling is now used successfully in the roller conveyor drives in Outokumpu’s largest Swedish production plant. The elastic coupling elements reduce vibrations and shock loads. The couplings do not require any lubricant, and they can be replaced quickly, as there is no need to dismantle other machine components.

“It used to take a whole day for two people to replace the gear couplings they used before. Whereas the Quick-Flex couplings can be replaced in 30 minutes,” explains the Key Account Manager.

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